Thursday, August 04, 2016

Whoops, Reality Check...

My fanciful ideas of wandering are on hold. But that doesn't mean that I am giving up on them.

I am going to make plans. I noticed that some of the state parks I'd like to see are open all year 'round with...with snowshoeing available and hiking!

Now that would be an awesome time to go exploring I think. I will work on that and come up with a plan.

My zinnias in the garden are going crazy! They love this hot, humid weather and seem to be thriving in it. The four o'clocks have attracted humming birds. The green beans are almost done, the lettuce has bolted ... and the sweet corn is coming on strong!

We ate some the other night. It was sweet, it was delicious. And so far no raccoons have invaded and decimated the corn. Perhaps this is because I have mules pastured on two sides of the garden.

I'll be picking Miss Lily up on Saturday. She will visit for a few days and we'll be getting her school supplies. It will be a short visit, so I will try cramming a few fun things in at the same time.

We may go to Wyalusing State Park, they have some nice trails and gorgeous places to look down on the Mississippi River. I'm thinking about canoeing the Kickapoo River with Morris and her also.
If we can get the shopping done, we'll have time for some real fun.

I thought more about my traveling 'itch'. The parks I'd like to visit are open year 'round and most have snowshoeing/hiking/skiing trails. And not a big crowd! Maybe a late fall/early winter trip would work well. Or a frozen trip?

Heck I like cold. And there are no bugs.

My new wish. To try out kayaking. After my last trip down the Kickapoo River in a canoe, I thought it would be fun to try a kayak.

Perhaps a trip when the fall colors start to be-dazzle us is when I'll try the Kayak trip on the lazy Kickapoo. 

Well, off to the real world where chores await and painting, refinishing, and other mundane things await my attention!

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