Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Gettin' the Itch

I don't know why but every once in a while I get this intense desire to go somewhere and discover something.

I would like to do some traveling and 'seeing'.  I've been thinking about making a journey to see the south shore of Lake Superior and taking in a trip to see the multitude of state parks and waterfalls of northern Wisconsin.

I've even found my mind wandering about and looking at maps to the point where I use Google Maps to find out how long of a drive it is between places I want to see.

I sort of imagine myself going alone. Or perhaps with Morris. Although some parks and trails don't welcome dogs. Alone then would be the choice because then I wouldn't have to worry about him.
Then I wonder if going alone would be fun. Perhaps I'd like to travel and explore with someone else. I thought of my two grand daughters as travel companions. 

When I took a trip to 'shoot' my youngest son's wedding, I booked a room checked the route to drive [no GPS then] used a printed map from Google [have since purchased a good paper map] and plotted my little trip.

I enjoyed myself immensley. The drive was pretty nice even if I missed the motel and had to stop and ask for directions.

But staying on a Lake and having moments of peace and quiet to myself, was priceless.

And it felt good.

I've armed myself with a Garmin now and a good paper map of course. I've upgraded to a 'Smartie-Phone' and have a decent vehicle that begs for travel.

Last year Rich had cancer and my entire year was taken up with caring for him. That was a good thing, I found that I could handle taking care of someone and being there for them. It was an act of devotion and love.

This year we are remodeling the house. The contractor's work is finished and my thoughts keep going back to wandering.

I've started to compile a list of places I'd like to see. And I've discovered that these parks are also open in the winter which gives me a new thought.
I love winter, I love hiking and snowshoeing. I love winter photography.

What if?
I do some winter traveling?

Weather would be a big concern. But...but, the open road still calls.

Pack up your cameras and a light travel bag.

There are things and places out there just waiting to be seen and photographed.

I know.
I can hear the Siren Call.

And the trails are calling to me...

I'm getting itchy feet.

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