Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Wash Day

I don't believe there is ever a boring day on the farm. Okay there can be days that are boring, but really, there is always always something that has to be done.

Today was Wash Day.
Normally I do this on Wednesdays providing that the weather cooperates and my wonky work schedule cooperates.

Water tanks and even the hound dogs' water bowls get scrubbed clean. I will do it more often if they look as if they need it.

The process involves a lot of walking back and forth for things I forget. Sometimes I forget the bleach [for nasty jobs ~ where a calf poos in the smaller water tank] or the Apple Cider Vinegar [I use that every time I fill.]  

The vinegar acidity helps keep that green goo from developing so quickly on hot days. 
It is also rumored that equine coats are more glossy when they have Apple Cider Vinegar and another rumor says that it helps with keeping away bugs.

I am not going to make any claims at all, but once they get a bit of taste in their tank, they seem to like it.  Or maybe they just like clean fresh water.  

Oh yes, it was wash the human clothes Day also.  Nothing nicer than clothes hung on the line to dry.

I considered sitting in the large stock tank and 'chillin' out in the cool water.  But I had all sorts of work to do and it was very hot and very muggy.

Here everyone comes to admire the shiny clean stock tanks.  The calves are growing like weeds!
Stormy nurses on mom and when she runs 'dry', he walks over and joins Stella.

What a goofy bunch they are!

Siera gave me 'airplane' ears today.  She is not happy that she has been neglected this summer.  She is happiest when she has a job to do.

Speaking of wash day.  Dinah sure could have used something other than a dust bath.

Looks to be a busy weekend coming up.

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