Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Seeking quiet time

Sometimes we just need to step out of 'life' for a moment and seek a bit of solitude where we can let our minds wander and not think about the pressing issues of the day.

That is what I do when I go out on an excursion to do some photography, or if I go riding my mule, or take a walk.
I don't do my clearest thinking during these times because my mind gets cleared of all the cob webs and uninvited thoughts.

Instead I am left with the task at hand.  One foot in front to the other.  What exposure should I use?
What lens would do best.  Will the fog rise up or will the fog hang in there.

These are the simple things that went through my mind when I went to Jersey Valley before the break of dawn.

The fog was very thick and on top of the ridge the sun burned brightly.

However I found the fog an interesting challenge to work with.
Some aspects of Jersey Valley became much more interesting in the thick fog.

It was looking off into 'nothing-ness'.

The fog really was much more suited to black and white photography.

The benches were covered in heavy dew drops yet they looked out onto...nothingness.

Along the shore was a different matter, I was able to find some interesting color.

This may be purple loosestrife and if it is, it is an invasive species.  Although I could see why it would be so hard to pull.  The colors are outstanding.

This may be 'wild' chamomile.  I can't be sure so I'll need to send a photo to my neighbor for an ID on it.

Just before I left the sun began to 'try' and burn through the fog.
I checked my watch.  It was already 7:30 am and time to head home.  One of these days, I'm not going to be constrained by time.

But the visit was well worth it.  The mists and the sounds of fish jumping in the lake were peaceful.

When I came out of the valley, it was broad bright daylight.  Such a change!

I could see the fog hanging yet in the tree tops of Jersey Valley as I drove away.

Interestingly enough, the fog was still intense over the Kickapoo River Valley, so I stopped on our gravel road and took one parting shot.

I probably should have stayed near home and watched the sunrise over this foggy valley, but the excursion to Jersey Valley was well worth it.

Besides, I had to pass through town to get there and back.  I was able to get gas and pick up that milk that we needed at home!

It was a beautiful, peaceful, quiet time.

I'm thinking to seek out a sunrise at the overlook at Duck Egg.  I think it would be well worth the hike with my camera and tripod.


The Dancing Donkey said...

I can feel the quiet and solitude in your photos. I could use some of that myself, thanks for sharing.

Lori Skoog said...

Beautiful shots Val. Quiet times can be so sweet.