Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dawn of Autumn, Pink Foggy Sunrise

I grabbed a to go cup of coffee, slung the camera bag over my shoulder and grabbed my FujiFilm point and shoot camera.  It does so well in a pinch and can offer up some incredible shots.

The sky and the fog was pink!  And the fog was heavy even in places on the ridge.

I drove down to Black Bottom Creek to see if the fog indeed shrouded the valleys.

I found ducks in pink fog.

I didn't want to miss day break so I drove back up on top of the ridge to try and find a great spot to 'catch' the first day of Autumn.

Indeed it was worth waiting for.  I leaned up against the Subaru and kept thinking...'Wow, Wow...Wow!'

Time literally flew by and by 7am, the sun made its appearance.

Welcome fall.  I look forward to your cooler temperatures and wild brilliant colors.
I think someone equated Fall as Spring in reverse.

We ended the day by going out to Jersey Valley to do some fishing.  Well hubby fished, I took some photos and then sat on the bank with him while he fished.

It was a beautiful way to end the first day of Autumn.

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