Thursday, September 03, 2015

Foggy September Mornings

There was a predawn quiet, most of the song birds have begun their migrations.  Still, I was able to hear some birds beginning to 'wake up.

I left before dawn and thought I'd try and find a good spot to watch the sun come up.  I didn't go to the usual spot but drove out to the end of our dead end road.

I could see the fog had settled in the valley so I decided to try and find a suitable place where I could look down the valley and perhaps get a stunning shot.

I turned the Subaru around and headed back out.

As I went past one of our ridge neighbors I had to stop again and figure out how to compose this interesting shot of his pasture and cattle.

I tried several shots, but this one stuck.

It seemed as though this shot conveys the fog movement.  I know that the fog just doesn't sit static in one place.  This is facing Southwest, and the glow of the pinks was in the sky.

So I continued down into the Kickapoo River valley and into some very dense fog.  I drove up a gravel road that led to the top of the ridge and came out by a cell phone tower.

I was happy to have the Subaru, the road is not well kept and high clearance was really quite a plus.

I waited above the fog and my wait was not long.

The sky views were something stunning.

And then the sun broke through the haze and fog.

The valley below glowed.

So I got in the car and made it down the twisted road and back towards home.

When I crossed Black Bottom Creek the sun had not yet made it into the valley and the fog was still lifting.

I was pretty satisfied with the morning's outing.  

As I neared home, I saw some spider webs that were lit up with dew.  I parked again and did some scurrying through the weeds in the ditch.

The find of the day however was not the spider web but a Japanese Beetle that appeared be-jeweled in the dew drops.


Lori Skoog said...

What an amazing collection of photographs!

Val Ewing said...

Thank you!