Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Duck Egg Hike

With two inches of rain in the morning, I thought that it would be fun to go to Duck Egg and see the small creek running high and full of rain water.

What I didn't expect was the incredible barrage of small wild flowers that were so brilliant along the way.

At every turn we found some beautiful late fall wildflowers.

The creek was running high and I go this shot from one of the foot bridges over the creek.

Dennis found some cool fungi along the trail.

We found Maidenhair Fern with raindrops still on them. The fern was beginning to show its fall colors.

We hiked to the muskrat pond ....

and most of the trail was under water so we returned back to the second bridge and took a break and an apple snack.

Our busy day ended up with Grandpa playing catch with Dennis for a bit while Ariel spent time with Siera and Fred.

And our day was ... done....

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