Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Home Invader ~by Morris

I had no warning, no notice that I was going to be invaded over the past weekend by a...puppy.  

Surely my very own 'little people' didn't do this on purpose!

The first thing we had to get done was to go for a walk together.  We went to a hay field and decided to get acquainted.

I know people think this is rude, but this is absolutely the quickest way for dogs to get data collection and information about the other dog.
I have yet to see a human use this method to quickly get an idea of what another human has done and other useful information.

It was hot and muggy but both of us felt like romping in the tall grass.  Angel,... the Beagle had much more energy than I did though.

She literally ran circles around me.

Oh the wonders of being a puppy!  Some days I'd like to have that back and then I think I am sure content to sleep on the couch...

When she needed a rest she just flopped down in the grass and took a breather.

Everyone seemed taken by her beautiful face and floppy ears. Okay, she was pretty.  And pretty annoying too. Although outside and off the leashes we had a pretty good time.

I even think she was kind of cute in a way.

She even gave me a... 'kiss' !!!

I guess I liked it, I didn't bite her or even growl.  Maybe I was just too worn out?
We really did enjoy each other's company while hiking. 

Inside the house it is a very different story.  I don't like another dog invading 'my space' and I admit, I think I was jealous that my little people got a little dog of their own.

Angel was very well behaved and SHE and Farm Guy were all gooey over her.

I do know that I got worn out...

And she did too!

I heard that Angel and Ariel had to go take a snooze after one of our hikes.

I guess she can come again.  I'll try not to be grouchy about it, but I am an old man set in his ways.
Maybe one day I'll get used to Angel in the house and then again, maybe I won't.

After all if I get too cozey with another dog, I end up having to share with them...

Like this photo of myself and Teslin in 2006...

But Teslin and I have known each other since puppy hood. 
She can be grouchy too.  I guess maybe we have both grown older and grumpier about our dog spaces.

That said, I will do some resting and await Angel's return.
She was pretty nice, even I have to admit that.

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