Friday, May 09, 2014

The runner

Last weekend I was able to go watch the Wisconsin Marathon and move around with the runners while riding a bicycle with my daughter in law.
[Thank you!]

I hadn't been to this particular race before and wasn't prepared for all the sights I saw at the start line.

People were in costumes as well as in regular very colorful running gear.

There was Waldo:

There was the cow-guy:

Brilliant colors of all sorts of running gear:

And all sorts of technical to non technical gear:

People of all sorts of shapes and sizes entered both the half marathon and the full marathon.

There were also those who wore the infamous WI Cheesehead Hats:

I found this race fun for taking street 'candids' of the runners.  
There were young and old alike taking part in both events.
Even better, was taking shots of my son while he was running.
He is the one in the middle in the Marathon Man T-shirt.

I did not sneak in any shots of his wife, I may have had a bicycle shoe tossed at me.  Believe me, it was tempting.

This fella, pictured above was sure full of energy.  I was trying to get a shot of my son with his group when he yelled 'take my picture' and spread open his arms.
I wish my elderly Nikon D40 had focused faster, it would have been a fun photo.

This is one of my favorite shots of the day.  My son looking over the running field when we first got to the Civil War Museum in Kenosha.

When my son finished he was quite pleased with the run.  I agree, a Marathon is quite an accomplishment.  It isn't something you just go out and do and it takes a lot of preparation.

I was able to get a shot for my weekly assignment for 256SOG on composition and telling a story.

I really wish I could follow my son on many of his adventures for running.  I have a feeling that I'd get a lot of interesting shots and wonderful photo-stories.

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