Thursday, May 22, 2014

Siera and Me, the perfect ride.

Siera and I have been struggling this spring.

She has been herd sour and 'home' sour with great intensity.  Tossing her head, trying to turn, and even an offer to try and buck.  She seriously sucks at bucking so each ride has been a small struggle.

But apparently the frequent rides and steady persistence pays off in the end with something like a perfect ride.

Up the driveway and down the road we went last night away from home without any hesitation.

[Oh yes, she is in a big need of a mane roaching!]

I chose the wide open spaces on the ridge to 'go visiting'.  We ran across the crew that is putting fiber optics in.
We stopped and chatted.

One of them, the foreman, was the grandson of one of the very first mule person's I have ever met.

Siera was quiet, relaxed and incredible.

All in all we ended up riding the roads, then some forest trails and then out to get the mail.

It was all good.

I think we are getting in the groove again.

Isn't this an odd looking creature!
Our shadows were not flattering to Siera at all.


The Dancing Donkey said...

That's a hilarious shadow portrait:) I'm glad she's doing well, sounds like a good ride.

Lori Skoog said...

Yes indeedy. That shadow is something special. So glad you had such a good ride.