Saturday, May 17, 2014

I'm just a travellin' Man... by Morris

I can't believe it!  Finally SHE remembered to take the most awesome-ist navigator with her when she left home this time.

You have no idea how tiring it is to have to navigate Her when she drives.  We drove a very long long way to The Grandma House where one of my Gal Pals, Sammy lives.

It was exhausting getting Her through the traffic.  I mean, you just have no idea!

First off though I had to make sure to step on the door lock buttons and make sure to set the Subaru up so She would have a hard time getting the doors unlocked.

Then after getting fuel, I stepped on the seat heaters and turned them both on.

Well, what can I say?
I got so very tired in the nice warm seat that I had to take a break and take a Nap.
 You must understand that my inner GPS was working overtime while I had my eyes closed.  I was acutely aware of any minor deviation that She might have made off course.

I wanted to make sure She got to the Grandma House without any mishaps.

Thank goodness.

We made it just fine!

I was so very happy to see Sammy but Sammy told me I was pretty annoying and had too much energy for her tastes.

We even had a big Dog Greeting.
Tank, a big huge lab from across the street came over to meet me.
Then The Grandma's Friend brought out Chuck Norris [the dog] and things got interesting.

We all ran around with wagging tails while Chuck did some fancy foot work and tried his best to pull his leash holder right over.

I saw another people with a big dog and headed over their until She yelled for me to come back.
I guess those people and dog where not the friendly sniff your behind kind of folk.

She picked me up and I growled at Chuck and play time ended.

Good thing, I was getting tired from all that travel.

The Grandma finally settled down in her chair and had been complaining that her ear was bothering her.

I decided to clean it.

Then The Grandma settled down to watch the news and I thought I'd help her stay put by laying across her lap. 

I can be a good lap dog, seriously...I can.

Soon enough, it was time for bed.

I sneaked out of Her bedroom and guess where I was found?


SHE called me a traitor.  I'm not a traitor, I just know a Good Grandma when I meet one.
Got to take advantage of that right?

Besides that ... The Grandma has a special place that she keeps dog cookies.
And I know if I go outside and come right back in after doing my business [so many little time!], I get a cookie!

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