Sunday, May 11, 2014

Princess the Donkey makes new friends

Princess is a nice polite Donkey.  I've had my eye on her for a while wondering how she might be as a riding donkey.

Normally people don't consider donkeys for riding.  It is rare to go somewhere and see a person riding one in the United States at least.

I decided to see how Princess would lead away from home and how she would do just walking some trails in the woods.  I wanted to see if she'd be patient or herd sour.

She was patient.  She was not herd sour.  She was polite of my space and learned quite quickly not to walk into me.

Princess of course decided she could help clear up some of the brush that I was cutting.

She was a willing partner and very attentive to everything I was doing.

I like that in any equine.
Gentle, polite, not pushy, and completely relaxed.

Of course this idea of just walking around with a donkey on lead while hiking came from a blogging friend of mine.

Her blog is called The Dancing Donkey.

I want to thank her so much for writing about her adventures with her donks.

After losing Opal and knowing that Fred is pretty aged [a chart on equine shows that 30 yrs old is equivalent to about 90 yrs old in human age.  I am not sure that it applies to pony mules though]....
I figured I best get an animal trained for riding that was reliable, quiet, and very dependable.

Princess was one of my first choices.

There is still Eddie of course, but he has more attitude than Princess.

After our hike in the woods, I decided to take Princess up the drive to get mail.

She had no issues with that until she saw some odd creatures whizzing about on bicycles.

She had to think about that for a moment by locking up her legs and watching.

After she decided that the creatures were not going to eat her, we got the mail.

And the creatures decided to introduce themselves.

After much petting and admiration from the neighbor's children, Princess was not sure she really wanted to go back home.

Stay tuned.
Princess will be getting her first saddling pretty soon.

I'm sure that will go as well as our hiking did.

A Donkey may not be the most glamorous animal to ride, but in some ways I think they can be the best mounts.

I have ridden donkeys and contrary to popular belief, they are nice and smooth.
And they make mules look clumsy.

Here's to donkeys and making new friends!


  1. Looking forward to see how this goes. She has such a kind look. I love her ears!

  2. I rather wish Emma was big enough for me to ride, it sure sounds like Princess will do well. Donkeys are so smart.

    I hope that Fred is doing well, did you ever find out what cause his troubles?

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Val, she is beautiful! Please let us know about your training process. How many donkeys and other animals do you have?

  4. Lori, WAY too many. But they are wonderful creatures.