Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mom ... Mom Day.... Mothers Day

So I've been thinking about Mother's Day.  Surely it is a Hallmark made up card type of day but it is a nice thing to think about.

After all you only have one Mom.

I was visiting my mom a week ago and we went to lunch.  During lunch she sort of complained about her laptop computer being slow.

I sort of chuckled and asked what was wrong with it?

She said she just couldn't get onto Facebook and into her games as fast as she used to.  It was too slow and 'Slotmania' was almost boring.
I said maybe her old laptop just wasn't working as well anymore.

I suggested a Google Chrome Book for her.  She gave me a look and inquired as to why ... don't computers last ages and ages?  
No, I told her, they really don't.

We went to her house and I looked at her computer and guided her around to her games.  She huffed a bit when the screen started and stopped while she was playing 'Texas Hold 'Em'.

*See there!* she said.  
I know her grandson had gone through the computer and made sure it was updated and there were no viruses so she was good there.

Then I had to laugh.  Mom is 80 and her laptop 'doesn't go fast enough' for her.  Plus she was a bit miffed that an old computer didn't last forever.

This from a woman that still had her ration book from World War II.

I told her to use the machine and see how it went.  If it was still not up to her standards of speed, I'd get her a speedy Chrome Book that could race through her games.

We decided that when I made my next trip down in 2 weeks, that we'd have a late Mother's Day and go shopping for jeans together.

I may just set her up with a new Chrome book too.  
After all, she is hungry for speed and power in her games.

And she wants to see what is going on in Facebook from her friends.
She rarely types a thing but loves to browse.

Yes, I have one of the most unique mom's in the world.

Hungry for Tech Savvy stuff yet she can turn around and whip up a batch of jams and jellies or some great pies without the blink of an eye.

The woman who raised me for better or worse.  After all, I think I turned okay and I definitely learned right from wrong and how not to cross the line with her.

Happy Mother's Day to a pretty neat lady.

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