Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Mother's Day Fun

Hubby had to go get hay.
The weather forecast said RAIN and thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Siera and I hadn't been out for almost a week.

So I saddled Siera up and grabbed my Drift HD POV camera and clipped it into the helmet mount of my old riding helmet.

I thought it would be fun to see how the video of us would turn out.
I hadn't used it before because my old computer took forever to convert and save a HD version of the videos.

Unfortunately, it takes forever to upload to YouTube with our internet speed. It can be even longer if you are trying to upload HD quality.  4+ hours in fact.

So here is Siera, Morris, and I on our first part of the ride.

One of the things is, Siera is very herd bound each spring.  She gets antsy and a bit excited.  She doesn't buck or spin, she just tries to go fast and faster.

I thought I'd take her on our ridge road which is steep going down and let her 'pace' off some steam.
Morris wanted to come along.  He and Siera are buddies.

Sorry for the poor quality.  If you watch this, do it in a small screen, the big screen stinks!

Morris got exhausted after two turns up and down the hill, as you can see he was running full out.
Siera can pace at 12 miles an hour, by the way.

After a few rides up and down the hill, we were good to go through the 1/2 mile trail in the woods.  
Giving a mule a slightly more difficult terrain to navigate helps them put their mind into their work.

Yes, Siera does a lot of head flipping but that is her natural way of going when she is excited.  Once she calms down as you may see if you watch all the way through on part two, is that she finally drops her head and gets to work.

This includes going over a huge log that she refused to go over when we first went out.
Note this.  THAT log was between her and her home, so she decided it was workable.

Siera is a speed ride compared to old Badger.  But after a few more spring rides she'll settle back into her good old self and calm down.

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