Thursday, May 29, 2014

Let's Garden and other Things

The crew that is installing fiber optic lines in our 'neighborhood' was here yesterday.

What a hoot.  The 'inspector' was an old Geezer from Georgia who really buttered up all the ladies he ran across by calling them beauties.

Hey, why not right?

I heard the guys were working  just up the road from our driveway, so I grabbed Siera and saddled her up.

She needs to understand that machinery won't eat her and that strange machinery is fun to stare at.

We did just that.  The crew really liked her and stopped a bit to pet her and ask questions.

Then we hustled off through the woods and headed home.  

They drilled and dug down our driveway and put down the cable.

After a little 'country' visit they left.

Then our 'up top' neighbors showed up in force.  All wore sunhats and carried seeds, hoes, and gardening tools.

Last year I suggested we do a family shared garden.  I had the perfect garden spot and plenty of it.  They don't have any great garden spots and so I thought it could be fun to do one together.

Dad made a 'Sunflower' Spiral so the kids would have something to run through like a small maze.

I believe there are cucumbers, tomatoes, squash [3 kinds], watermelon, peppers, green peppers, hot peppers, and broccoli started.
Tonight we do the boring things.

Like the straight lines for lettuce, carrots, beets, and green beans.

The corn will be planted on the outside of the garden so it gets morning light and shades the plants that need less sun.

Hubby was quite amused by all the activity.

Silly fellow even posed for a photo with Terri's sun hat on!

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Now that's the way to garden!