Thursday, May 15, 2014

Siera and me.

This photo proves it, I've been riding Siera off and on for nearly 4 yrs.  She has a severe separation issue every year.

Yesterday was a prime example of it. 
We went into the meadow and rode.  At first she went along nicely but the further from the gate we went the more head tossing and walking sideways she went.

She reined pretty well around the trees until she decided not to.
In one place the ground had some standing water and was mushy.  This is when she got down right angry.  Okay, maybe not angry, just pissed off.

Her ears went flat, she refused to go forward, she backed into an apple tree.
So I went about it a different way and we did get through it with some coaxing.

I let her gait out as fast as she wanted away from home but not towards home.  This too made her upset.  Enough for her to try and bolt once and make an effort at a buck.

I started to get frustrated so I just made her stand still.  We eventually went back home and then I took her into the forest loop.  She came to a log that she has stepped over and launched it.
Well then we worked on crossing twice more.

She then did the forest loop with no issues, paying attention to where her feet were going and what she was doing.

A deer popped out of the brush and she did nothing but stare at it.

I'm also wondering if she may be in 'heat' and that is part of her recent issues.

No matter, we did fine towards the end of the ride.

This morning we did some basics in the round pen and then she spent some time while I did yard work...learning patience.
She was tied to a tree where I could watch her.

After pawing a while, she stood still.

I think I have to get more 'wet' blanket time on her.

However, it seems that the little red mule, Sunshine, needs some riding time too.  She after all, is Badger's little sister, and out of my wonderful old red mare.

Some days I miss the likes of Billy Bob, Jim, Badger, and Buck ~ they were all geldings and quiet.

Siera has 'tude, which I like.  I love her gait, I love her looks, and most days I even love her ride.

Just sometimes we both have a 'bad' day.
Though I realize nothing can be accomplished if I am an Angry Rider.

So she'll have the weekend off while I go visit my mom and my older son.

Back to work soon Siera!


Willow said...

Yup two "tudey" gals at the same time can get a little mule headed can't it . LOL
Once you and Siera settle again it'll work itself out.
Sunshine sure is a pretty Gal.

Val Ewing said...

Yes, we have to get back to our happy place.
I'm not worried, she always begins her 'time off' and then back at it with a bit of attitude.
It gets better with more rides.

The Three Muleteers said...

Ah the joys of molly mules - especially in the Spring! You have my sympathies.... they are wonderful but so much more complicated than the boys. Sure you'll have it sorted quickly. I can't wait to get back riding my atitudey girl too.... few more weeks!