Sunday, August 28, 2011

How To Get Your Sink Fixed ... Plumbing Ideas...

To understand this whole post you must go and read Why You Must Eat Ice Cream first...
this really explains what I am about to tell you.

Today is August 28th.
I first reported this plumbing issue to my husband on May 2nd.
You do the math.

Last week hubby takes another look at the leak under the sink and decides that it is the result of an old faucet. The 'something or another' has gone bad and that is causing the leak.

Day one.
Check out the faucet and let it sit for a few days.
I think perhaps the faucet has to absorb the news that soon it will be HISTORY!
But we don't want to hurt its feelings and remove it too fast.
Day Two.
New Faucet is in hand. Wife is happy.
Hubby is still analyzing the issue.

Wife takes all the items out from under the sink and makes sure hubby has plenty of room to work.

She even moves ALL the 'under the sink' items to the middle of the living room floor so everyone has to walk around it...
she slyly makes sure that it is even in the way!

Day 5.
Wife is now used to brushing her teeth in the kitchen.
Hubby proclaims that indeed it is the faucet, trips over 'stuff' in the living room.
The dog tosses his toys in the 'stuff' on the floor and knocks over baby powder.

Day 6.
Hubby pronounces that it is the connection thingy under the sink that is leaking. Turns off hot water so it won't leak. Says we need a gasket thing or something.

Wife brushes teeth and washes face in the kitchen, while gritting her teeth, of course.
Dog tosses his Hedgehog toy into the 'stuff' pile and knocks over the Comet Cleanser.
Wife smiles,... of course the carpet needed vacuuming and she is so grateful to dog.

Day 7.
The gasket thingies show up on the sink.
Wife wonders where in the heck does hubby find this stuff.
Hubby answers with glee... the stuff ..
in the garage of course.
Dog tosses rope toy into 'stuff' and tips over Noxzema bottle.

Day 8.
Faucet is fixed!
There is still a leak under the sink.
Hubby says the gasket thingies are replaced and proudly places...
a Gustafson's Ice Cream bucket back under the leak.
Wife gives Dog evil eye and dog does not play with his toys.
Wife merrily brushes her teeth in the kitchen before going to work.

Day 9.
Wife comes home.
Stares at dog and pile of 'stuff' in the middle of the floor.
Hubby smiles and proudly produces a wrench to fix the leak in the pipes under the sink.

Wife watches with interest.
Hubby does the 'leak' test.

Hubby pronounces that perhaps he has fixed the leak.

Wife smiles.

Maybe the ice cream bucket can be removed soon.
she can brush her teeth in the bathroom again.

...and maybe she can put the 'stuff' away and avoid more dog-toy accidents!


  1. Even though it took some time to get your fixed sink, I’m glad that you were able to finish it. There’s nothing that can’t be done when you’re determined enough to do it. I must say that your husband did a good job! I hope you’ll never experience such plumbing issues again though.

    -Darryl Iorio

  2. It really helps to have a husband who knows basic plumbing. Good thing my husband knows how to do repairs around the house too. Anyway, though it took your husband a few days to get everything done, all’s well that ends well. Good job!