Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tainter Hollow

After losing TS I was pretty 'bummed' out to say the least.
A farm animal shouldn't affect you this way correct?
Well it did.
I guess I have a place in my heart for animals.

So to get my mind off from TS, I decided to take the afternoon and hunt up some beautiful sights and see what I could find through my camera lens.

I went down the backroads of Solverson, Tainter Hollow, Tainter Road, Tainter Road West, and East.

You should be.
Tainter Hollow is probably the world's best kept secret, and I'd like it to stay that way.
Tainter Creek West and East empty into the Kickapoo River.

But both 'Creeks' are beautiful on their own.

The Bluffs near and around are incredible and never cease to amaze me.
I always have to stop to take a photo...

Then there was the bridge.
I was able to sit under the tiny bridge and take photos without hearing one car pass my way in over an hour.

All was quiet when I sat on the rocks and watched the water rush over the rocks on yet another Tainter 'creek' runoff.

It clearly was music to my ears and heart.

I was gone for 3 hours and never saw another soul.
Nice isn't it?

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