Saturday, August 20, 2011

A walk with friends

Tonight I went out to the 'Merry Meadow'...[sorry folks, but my Grand daughter Ariel came up with that name and by goodness, it sure has stuck! Thank you so MUCH Ariel!]...

I just wanted to check on Opal and Badger who are out with the jennet donkeys.

Morris and I stood near the fence in the meadow. I called out to Badger and Opal.
I hadn't touched Opal since our ride on the 16th.

I was wondering if she'd actually come to me ... or fall back on her old ways of being dodgy and wild.

To my utter surprise she followed Badger and walked right up to me. No snort, or hesitation at all on her part.

As a test, I just reached out and began to rub her head between her eyes and up over her ears.
[Normally, you have to offer the back of your hand and let her smell it ... she will back off and then come forward after a snort or two.]

She just leaned into my hand.
My other hand was busy rubbing Badger on the nose.

Morris trotted around the two mules panting and looking happy.

I turned and checked Badger's respiration rate and did a pulse check. It isn't the best, but he's gained a tad bit of weight and seems quite content to graze and not work at all.

To my surprise Opal moved closer in to me and nudged my hand with her nose.
If I'd had false teeth, they would have fallen out of my mouth.

I petted her on the neck and headed back towards the gate.
On my right, Badger 'heeled' to my shoulder.
On my left, Opal 'heeled' to my other shoulder.

If I stepped slightly in one direction or another, they both maintained position.
I wanted to laugh.

Morris ran circles.
I wanted to shout out to the world about how Opal was now my friend.

Instead of shouting, I went through the gate and did a 'happy dance' all the way back to the house.


mj said...

I like everything about this post! :)

Val said...

Thanks MJ!