Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earning Trust

When we got Opal years ago, she was a 'dysfunctional' mule.
Simply put, she hated people.
She distrusted them.
Any person.

Yet once caught, she was an exceptional ride.
She reined and spun on a dime.
She could do barrels, poles, and cut cattle.

She was 'hot', always ready to burst out and go hard.
She'd climb anything you pointed her at.
The perfect mule.
Except you could not catch her, she was terribly ear-shy, and well...you know the rest.
Last night I caught her.
I simply walked out and called her name.

She walked up to me.
I saddled her and we went for an evening ride.
When I put her back in the Meadow, she simply stood by the gate.

I walked away and then turned back.
Would she?
I went through the gate and she came to me.
I rubbed her head, stroked her poll and ears. I gave her a good thorough ear rubbing.
She groaned and leaned forward.

I ran my hands all over her.
She sighed.

I finally had to tell her good-bye as the light was fading.
She stood and watched me.

I had earned her trust?

Thank you Opal for letting me earn my way into your heart and for giving people ... one person, a second chance.

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