Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Banana Moon Ride with Sunshine

The Banana Moon Ride.

Yes, it was obvious, my Grand-daughter Ariel pointed out to me the shape of the Banana Moon.
You can hardly argue with a child's observation can you?

I saddled Sunshine, she seemed pleased about it. But her tail was full of burdocks.
Oh well, she'd survive until I got them out.

We headed down the road. The little red half-sister mule to Badger and I. I was humming and day dreaming...

Well to tell you the truth, I was experiencing pure joy and humbleness at the same time.
Quite the Paradox.
Sunshine seemed to understand my 'need' and my moodiness.
Good mule.

In fact as we rode past the neighbor's cornfield, she looked as thought she'd grown tall and proud.
Even if it was an effect of the sunlight low in the sky.

We rode past our neighbor's winter hay crop. It looked pretty fine and dandy. She has another crop or two to cut.The fields are green and appear bountiful.
My road looks quite beautiful this way in the prime of the growing season.
We rode out to the blacktop and stopped and visited with the 'far end ridge neighbors'.
Sunshine proved to be kid friendly as all the kids came up for a pet.
I ran my hand across her face and smiled inwardly.
Another Mule Ambassador!
Sadly I had to explain what was going on with Badger....
All in all, it was a quiet and uneventful ride.

We saw beauty. We made new friends [Sunshine did!].

And I realized how much I'd missed our evening rides that were a fine excuse for stopping and getting the 'ridge' gossip or just visiting.

Perhaps a lunch and a trail ride at Wildcat State Park...



  1. You sure have some green grass up there. Such a peaceful ride.

  2. Lori saw the same thing I did...all that green!! I had to go look at your profile to see where you were at...grey hair doesn't allow me to remember all those details about everyone. Wisconsin...very pretty I must say. How nice to have neighbors that close and friendly too. Sunshine looks like she's in her element. So, does Morris not go when you ride?