Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Trip to the Secret Place...by Morris

I was watchin' her.
Careful like..one eye barely open..., while holdin' down the couch.

Okay, laugh....

holdin' down the couch may not be an important job you think...but you ought to know that there was an earthquake in Virginia today.
SHE says that is where her brother lives.

HE has
Enough about that.

Anyway so I was figuring in case there was some sort of after shock in the Midwest, I ought to nap on the couch and weight it down.
You see?

Well, SHE got on her pistol and grabbed the backpack that has cameras in it. I knew awful sudden like that
the couch would just have to be

I was goin' on an adventure with HER. I ran in circles until I nearly tripped her.
That got her attention very nicely.
cussed at me.
Out the door I sprinted and then spun around to make sure SHE was coming.
Oh there were so many things to 'mark' and sniff.
It was glorious.
It was also pretty darned hot.

I ran ahead of her on the trail and headed down towards the creek where I knew the water would be cold and would taste delicious.
If I got far enough ahead of HER I could find something disgusting to roll in before SHE saw.

We spent a lot of time down in the Creek.
SHE sat on a rock in a spot SHE calls 'HER secret place'.
SHE says it is a place where cell phones don't work, where the only sounds are the creek and the wind [plus the birds]...

a place where she can close her eyes and just relax and not think of anything important.

SHE told me that everyone needs a 'Secret Place' where they can go to for a little escape every now and again.

Oh don't get me wrong, I like the 'Secret Place' all right.
But when we got back, I was pretty wore out.

I had to get back to the hard business of 'holding' the couch down.
I'm not sure what my 12 pounds will do to help out...but you know...every
dog needs an important job.

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