Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter is Not Boring!

So Morris notices me putting on my coveralls. Nothing concerning the camera bag, camera backpack, or gun belt EVER gets by him.

He begins by running small circles around me and whining as I stuff my feet into my boots. He leaps against me, leaps against the door, and implores me with his sad Jack Russell eyes.

They literally beg:
*Please Please Don't Leave Me Behind!*

We have to tromp through wet snow this time as the temps have warmed up over the past few days.
This means that PeeWee's side will be thawed and the water will be running over the brilliant colored rocks.

...and Morris will blend in nicely with his surroundings.
This makes me a bit unhappy as I know we are getting close to Coyote Mating season...the time of year where the 'yotes are a bit more aggressive.

I keep him under watchful eye.

Again the creek area never ceases to amaze me with how it changes with each time I am there.
Each time the light is different and so is the snow.

...and who was it that said winter was boring!
Along the sandstone wall we find Maidenhair Fern and moss growing nice and green.
I'm coming along nicely collecting the photos for my winter book that will follow up The Enchanted Forest~

It is supposed to get rainy icy foggy...well plan yucky tonight so it looks like I best leave early to get to work.

I can't wait to get back out in the white silence with nothing but the lovely sounds of water running over the rocks.

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