Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On Ice


Let's play on ice.
Crawl on ice.
Lay on ice.
Sit on ice.

And then, admire nature's work just a little while longer.
As I lay on the creek's ice, I put my head low, nearly touching the slick surface with my ear.

I could hear a trickle of water running below me.
I sighed, what a beautiful noise this was.

Behind me was an 'ice wall'. The creek had gone through some rapid temperature changes along with a rain on New Year's Eve. Two days ago, it had been -20 at the house.

The water sculpted itself into interesting shapes in and around the boulders in the creek.

To photograph it was a challenge in itself.
I had to scoot on my butt, or crawl from boulder to boulder.
To risk my Nikon DSLR in this environment was crazy [at least to me it was!]. So I crawled, and scooted.

I'm sure had anyone seen me, they'd have scratched their heads.
Why was this crazy lady crawling around icy boulders and peering into rocks?

What in the heck was she doing laying down on a swath of ice with her ear near it?

Well I suppose if you had to ask those questions ... you just wouldn't understand the pleasures of winter's beauties and formations.
Or the mysterious sounds of water trickling under the ice.

Just ask Morris. He found pleasure in it too, although he seemed to get around on the ice much easier than I did.


mj said...

Regarding getting around on ice ... Our new to us Maddie, loves to frolic in the ice and snow. She's not very good on the leash yet, although we are working on that, but her idea of a fun time makes me a little nervous especially when I'm on the other end of the leash.
Your photos, as usual are magical....so where are the Gnomes and Hobits?

Val said...

They hid when I went crawling about on the ice.