Monday, January 10, 2011

Great Experimental Failure to Get Hubby to Fix the Dryer

So now we are at the point where frozen 'Man Pants' don't bother him. Of course they have dried by the time that he puts them on.

He quips quite heartily that 'look how much money we are saving by not using an electric dryer!'

I hate to admit that he actually may be correct.
What's even worse?
I amused myself by standing the frozen jeans up today against a tree and took photos of them.

I posted them on Facebook for a giggle.
Now that got a reaction out of him.
*MY PANTS on Facebook!*

I shrugged. I told him that it was a funny photo and those who saw it there thought it was funny.

He muttered something to himself [or me, but I have a tendency for selective hearing in these cases].
Maybe he didn't think it was funny.
Maybe all along I shouldn't have been trying so hard.
Maybe all along I should have been posting pictures of HIS PANTS on Facebook.

Maybe I went about this whole thing wrong.

You think?


mj said...

Nevertheless, I have enjoyed the posting of the dryer vs no dryer/husband experiment!

Val said...

I have a feeling that this will continue for quite a while.

At least I have photo ops for laundry???