Thursday, January 13, 2011

From the Grandma Pearl Files...

I have an Aunt who sometimes sends me odd things.

Things from the past.

Sometimes it is a photo from my childhood that she has found while digging through her home.

What is remarkable is that generally the photo is one my father had taken at one time and obviously shared it with either my Aunt or my Grandmother Pearl.

So from May of 1982, the Grandma Pearl Files:

May 22, 1982 [Handwritten on a calendar sheet]
40 to low 60's mostly clear - wind N.E.

made 2 apple crisps and a pan
of scalloped potatoes.
Tom & Ardyce
went to Balsam - got 8 sunfish
1 - rock
bass - had them for supper.
scrubbed & waxed floors.
made a stick horse for Edward.

took all day to finish it all.

May 23, 1982
39 to upper 60's.
mostly clear
wind N.E. to S.E.
We went to church. Marian

brought 2 doz. eggs for us.

Went with Mary & Elmer to
flowers in the cemetery
Valerie & the boys
after dinner.

Edward liked his horse.

My Grandmother noted the weather and the wind every day of her life that she could write in a small notebook or calendar.

Reading through her notes are like a glimpse into what was important to her daily life. I find it rather interesting.
I can almost hear her saying these words to herself as she wrote them.
She had a kind and wonderful voice.


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Yes, Grandma Pearl always referred to you as Edward!