Monday, January 03, 2011

On Thin Ice ~ by Morris

So SHE gets her gun belt on, boots, hat, gloves, camera...and I'm thinkin'.


Time for a walk!

I like walks in the woods.

I like smelling things, I like running in HER snowshoe tracks.
I like standing on HER snowshoes and making HER trip and make bad words.

So we went to the creek.
SHE said something about walking down the Valley.

I like the Valley.

I don't like the Valley.

Well sometimes it is Okay.

But not when there are coyotes there who would see me as their own personal little snack.

I like the deer pellets and the yellow snow to roll in on the deer trails.

SHE likes to get into all sorts of funny positions to look at things like icicles and waterfalls and pretty rocks.
Click, click goes her camera.

So here we were by the old coyote den falls and she is kneeling down in the creek [on rocks ] going click, click, click and mumbling to herself.

I decide to walk across the ice and check out the opposite bank.
When all of a sudden...


I hear her mutter and make a squeak of some sort, then click, click... Sweet. SHE takes pictures of me coming up out of the water! SHE calls really worried like sounding.

So I run along the edge and cross the rocks to her.

Then I shake and shake and shake.

HER face gets full of icy water and SHE doesn't even cuss at me!

SHE tells me how lucky I am and warns me to not walk on thin ice.
SHE checks me over and we move on down the valley.

Well you'd think a little fella like me would get frozen cold.
But I didn't.

In fact I walked through the spring and to the end of the valley.
I'm just a cool dude.
Although we did find fresh coyote track, SHE looked at it and I looked up in the hills and growled.
After all, I'm one tough little guy.

[Don't tell anybody, but I think SHE felt scared for me for a moment. I think SHE does have a nice soft heart.]

When we got home SHE gave me her sweatshirt to cuddle up with on the couch and I went right to sleep.

Dreaming of thin ice and my favorite person who squeaks. Maybe we can go tomorrow?


  1. Good Morris...Cindy Sue would be a fan!! Very cute story with great photos too~

  2. Morris can be quite the guy!