Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Owners Embarrass Their Dogs~ by Morris

I like to go out in the winter. Silly stupid people like to put coats on their dogs for taking walks.

SHE put a coat on me today.
I hated it. It looked rather sissy-ish for a tough and rough guy like me.
I told Her so by trying to shake it off.

Finally without further ado. I made muscles. I pumped myself up whilst sitting on the couch cover and puffed up so hard that ~~
‘Rip…’ the Velcro came off and SHE gave it up.

I’m a guy dog that does guy things. Like eat poopsicles [yeah, disgusting and discussed in another entry], mark trees, and smell other dog’s butts.
[Just seeing where they’ve been and saying hello you know?]

We went for two walks today. One into the gelding winter pasture. Lots of frozen goodies there, but she wouldn’t let me play with them.

The snow was deep! I had to literally ‘swim’ through some of it. If you are wondering, yes…I did stay warm with the exertion.

SHE did too.
I kept stopping to check on deer pellets and SHE kept yelling at me to hurry up.
I don’t really know why she was in a hurry.

People aren’t always that smart. They should shove their noses under the snow and take sweet whiffs like I do.
Nope, they keep their noses in the air…and can you believe it? They even cover them with scarves!

Worse than the jacket SHE thought of … SHE put two clip on flowers on my collar to make me look spiffy. SHE said. I tried like the dickens to shake them off.
SHE took embarrassing pictures of me sporting these icky girlie flowers.

I showed her the quick way home...

While SHE was busy taking pictures of some ‘interesting’ stumps on the side of the hill, I got busy and gulped down some deer pellets.

Maybe tonight when she is unaware.
I will have doggy revenge.
I will be sick to my stomach.

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