Sunday, January 02, 2011

Poopsicles by Morris

SHE does not like me in the mule pasture when she is filling the stock tank. The mules like to hang out there and leave frozen goodies.

SHE has no idea how hard it is to pick out the perfect poopsicle.

You have to search around for just the right one.
Sniff at many at then viola, you have found just the right one.

In fact you know it is perfectly right when it makes
HER cry out in disgust! Only SHE is on the other side of the electric fence and can't get at you.
So you just take your time.

SHE begins to get frantic and hollers bad things at me.
[I have edited the language because I know people who read this would not like to hear lots of human swearing words]

*Morris darn it! You drop that right now! Bad Dog! Bad Dog!*

I hear *Morris...blah blah blah blah...blah Dog...Dog...*

*Morris you stop that
NOW drop it, or else!*

I hear her pretty loud and clear now, but I cannot give up the goods.

Well who is she kidding?
I've got the good stuff and just to prove it, I pick it up and lug it to another spot.
Man that was a very heavy Poopsicle.

SHE picks up some snow at lobs it at me, as IF that is going to stop me!

So I turn my back on her just to prove a point and munch away happily. After all, isn't SHE the one that is always explaining that mule poop is mainly chewed up hay and pretty harmless?

Heck, I'm just getting my veggies then, right?


mj said...

Very nice rendition of a daily farm dog ritual. I love it,and I too hate it, but you could be describing any farm dog, anywhere. Morris doesn't look any too worse-for-wear for eating his poopsicles of choice. Although one can't help but being grossed-out by this very special dog treat....can one?

Val said...

Morris is obviously not grossed out by this special treat. He makes a bee line for these delicacies.

The poor city dogs, think of what they are missing!


gtyyup said...

Perfect! The bigger the pile they can pack around the better it seems...they've got them drug all over the yard and the drive...goofy dang dogs! Cheap entertainment~

Val said...

Sure is!

Life in the fast lane!