Thursday, May 13, 2010

Take a Walk in Imagination...

Yesterday was gloomy and overcast, threatening rain.

I grabbed a raincoat and asked Morris if he would like to take a walk.

He never refuses.

And we went, wandering in the forest.
We 'jumped' up a doe.

We followed a deer trail, up
the hillside.

Morris ran, delighted to be out.
He jumped on logs and ran to their ends, leaping off...

It was quite nice and comforting to have him along.
Morris never puts demands on me other than an inquisitive look once in a while.

He never says 'it looks like rain, we shouldn't be out!'
He never complains.
He rarely gets tired.
[although, I expect when he is much older, he will slow down]

At one point he jumped on a stump and growled, peering into the forest.

I couldn't see what it was he 'was seeing'.
But I did appreciate the 'heads up.'

I imagine he 'saw' something!


mj said...

Too bad everybody can't have a willing and accepting friend like Morris.
BTW The last dream-like photo looks like it was taken by your friend Morris.

Val said...

Ha...yep...did you see the forest creature in it?