Friday, May 28, 2010

Of Mules and Hearts

Two days ago we moved the mares to the meadow with Cheyanne and Mica. We left Dynah and Siera in the winter paddock for easy access for training.

Rich pulled out Dynah and gave her a nice hair cut and ear trim. She looked fantastic. He then spent quite a bit of time 'fawning' over her...and she ate it all up.

With all the mares and mules in the winter paddock, Dynah had been a bit stand off-ish. She was second in command of the herd second only to the Alpha Mare, Peaches.
Now with Peaches in the meadow, Dynah could truly rule the roost, er paddock.

She only needs to look ugly at Siera to elicit a squeal.
Dynah shows her speed and agility by spinning and whirling in place to keep Siera from approaching her 'spot'.

Dynah is showing something else now also.
Affection...we think.

Tonight we stood at the 'catch pen' gate. Hubby reached through and scratched Dynah's ears. She moaned in delight.

[Siera had been sent to the corner by Dynah]
Dynah then moved over to me. I reached through and began to massage her face and head. Her eyes closed.
Not much conversation passed, I cooed to Dynah and told her what a good girl she was...

Hubby stood back and put his hands on his hips.
*Look at that,* he said. *Traitor mule. She likes you better than me.*

*I don't think so,* I replied, *she respects you, I haven't really done much with her since she arrived last year. She's just gettin' an ear scratching.*

Oh the look of hurt on hubby's face.
I then realized that HE really adored Dynah. Not just 'liked'...'adored'. His feelings were actually hurt that she'd moved over to me.

I stepped back away from the gate and put my hands in my pockets. After a moment, Dynah shifted her gaze to Hubby and moved over to him again.
Happily, he reached through and began to rub her head, she oozed with delight.

My Hubby had actually gotten jealous of Dynah's overtures towards me!

I have the feeling that Niki would be very amused by this turn of events.
Her mule has stolen my husband's heart.


Lori Skoog said...

I got here from MJs blog. Your mules are beautiful and I love your header.

Val said...

Thank you Lori!