Saturday, May 15, 2010

Personality of Mules

..and other equine of course.

Last night I brought Siera out for grooming and a roach job.
I've been her 'handler' since she came to our place.

She has a gentle nature about her. A soft touch generally gets the job done.
She likes soft voices and soft hands.

AND she definitely has a people preference.

Hubby decided to rasp her hooves a bit after we'd roached her and clipped her ears.
When he approached and picked up a hoof, her ears dropped flat to her head and her eyes grew wide.

When he set her foot down and stepped away, her ears tipped forward and she softened in the face.

My hubby rode her this spring [I'd ridden her all last summer] and 'got after' her pretty intensely for some refusals in the woods. She didn't want to cross the creek or step into a mucky sucky area.
Now she needed to get 'over' this, but the hollering at her [from topside] probably didn't help a whole lot.

Now she is showing a real preference.
When I walk out past the pasture, she trots up to the catch pen.
When hubby walks out, she moves to the far end of the winter pasture.

She is a wonderful ride. She locks up for a spook. She 'wants' to please you.
But she has formed an opinion regarding her 'people'.

If I am 'reading' this mule correctly, a bit of coaxing, and not force will get you a whole lot more out of her.
She is tender hearted.

We have other mules, who could absolutely care less.
Interesting isn't it?


mj said...

I like your post.
I do not have an abundance of mule personalities to base this on, but my mule Polly dislikes aggressive people. I use to think it was just men she didn't like, but through the years I learned that she just doesn't respond to anyone who gets in her face too quickly. I think that I would have to agree with her....she prefers the soft, gentle touch and voice.
She definitely has her favorite people and does not take to new people quickly.

Val said...

Yes this is really something. I think I'll look into this a bit deeper.