Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Accidents...

2.5" of rain fell on our valley last night.
Lightening flashed, Thunder roared, the rain pounded the roof...
and we slept soundly.

When I awoke, I looked out the window and saw a small stream of muddy water flowing through the pasture.

Like a child, I was delighted.
This meant that I could venture into the woods and down to the creek to splash in mild flood waters.

About noon a thick fog rolled in hiding the tree tops. I decided to make my run to town to do errands [and visit the library] later when the gloomy stuff lifted.
I donned my rubber chore boots, grabbed my camera, .22 pistol, and Morris. I slid my camouflage raincoat [$2.00 Garage sale special] on and off we went.

We went on the pretense of checking the electric fence that runs above the creek. Once we neared the fence though, I could here the splash of water.
Morris and I detoured from 'fence checking' and went through the thick underbrush and slid down a muddy deer trail.

It was delightful, it was heaven to splash in the water and explore.

At one point, while I was trying to lean against a rock and photograph the run off...I thought to myself...

*Self, you should put that lens cap in a safe spot or you will drop it in the creek.*

I dropped it.
Into the muddy brown waters.

I cursed.
I splashed around wildly [holding the Nikon ever so carefully].
Guess what?
They float!

I cleaned it off the best I could and stuck it in my pocket for safe keeping.
After I was sure that it was dry, I popped it over the lens and continued our little adventure.

We came across the following tree~whose roots fascinate me.
I popped off the cover and went to shoot...
it was fogged up.

Here was the Happy Accident...I shot the picture anyway:
I couldn't have done it better if I'd actually tried.

I won't tell you about squatting to take a photo and ending up sitting in the creek...that should be saved for another time.

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