Monday, May 03, 2010

Queen of the Molly Mules


She is the Queen of the Molly Mules.
Just ask her.

No one, NO ONE can take her spot at the bale feeder.
She will only bow out to one of the mares.
Not because she has to, mind you, but because

After 11 months here, she will now let me catch her with a halter and lead rope. She likes a scratching and brushing.
She works in the round pen [more of that this summer along with saddling!]

She runs and plays with her pasture mates.
But she alone can clear off the feeder and move everyone over so she can have a drink at the stock tank.

Hail to the Queen.


grandma Jeanie said...

She is a beautiful Queen. Nice pictures when she is shaking off the dust. Colorful

Heather ♥ Schulz said...

Oh that first shot is freaking awesome! Great capture!