Thursday, May 27, 2010


So quite a while ago I ordered these shoes called Vibram FiveFingers KSO [Keep Stuff Out].

Monday I got tired of waiting and waiting on the back order for these shoes, so I began an internet search and ended up finding a pair at RockCreek, an outfitting company.
I spoke with a woman in the order department and she made sure these were in stock in my size.
2nd day UPS.
Tonight I slipped them on and had heaven on earth.

And after about 4 minutes of wearing these, the odd feeling of having something between your toes goes away.

So why did I buy these?
Because basically I got tired of my regular shoes which hurt my feet by the end of the day.
I walk about and do chores barefoot and my feet are very happy except when I step on sharp rocks, or pine cones in the yard.

I slog through mud and sloppy paddocks with bare feet, garden with bare why not have 'bare feet' shoes?

As I wear them and get used to them, I'll let you know how this ol' lady gets along with the FiveFingers.

I am sorely disappointed that I have to put on my uniform shoes and go to work. I imagine these would cause quite the stir if I showed up with them on!

My hubby's first reaction to these?
*You are not going to wear those out in public are you?*

Oh yeah.
I most certainly am!


mj said...

I have to admit that I agree with your husband .... they do look like a garden glove for the feet. You will be stared at my dear! But then "what the heck" ....

Val said...

These are becoming a lot more common in the sports area and well...I suppose people will be people and stare.
That will be funny to see reactions!