Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Mother's Day Wish

A Mom stood on the edge of the woods of her farm on Mother's Day and watched the sun slowly fall into the western horizon.

She thought about Mom's past and present.
About her Grandmother[s]
her Mom.

...the long list of people who's names ended for her in --mom, or mother, or --ma.

She smiled to herself and nodded slightly as she thought of the well wishes that had come to her from her 'daughter'.
She smiled when she thought of her two sons.

She smiled at the thought of she herself now having the titles of honor...
Mother in Law
Step mom

Titles that had huge meaning and responsibilities that went along with them.

Then she hugged her arms around her tightly ...
and whispered into the night air...

'Happy Mother's Day to Me'

...thank you Ed

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