Monday, July 17, 2006

What a difference a day makes..

Misty morning...
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What a whirlwind day, PT went very well. Soon I am going to be 'self' working. Which means that I'll be given a scheduled workout and go into the PT area and do it by myself.
My strength is coming back so well.

Last nite I had my own pity party. I was feeling pretty down about my abilities and my shoulder pain. I'd run into an acquaintence and told her about one of the jobs I had applied for in the medical field~medical records clerk. I thought it would be an interesting job...she on the other hand told me I'd hate it.

Along with not being able to ride because of the intense heat and humidity had me in a low spot. So her words kind of made me think perhaps I'm not capable of another job????

So today I got up early and took a walk before the sun rose. I went to PT and had a terrific workout. At lunch I braved the steamy weather and applied at the Sherriff's Dept of all places.
Now talk about a job that could get interesting!

It is an 'On Call Utility Pool'. Meaning about 15 hrs a week doing things like police transcription, riding with an officer when he has to transport a female prisoner...working at the jail...all sorts of interesting things.

It sounded so odd that I decided to go ahead and put in my application. The woman who told me to go to personnel quipped--'I could use you today!'

Interesting what 24 hrs brings isn't it?

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Liz said...

ooh! That is a bright note. Hopefully you can leave that dreadful place and try something new and different.