Monday, July 31, 2006

So many things!

Sun peeks into the valley mist
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Well it has been an interesting day. Yes the weather was HOT and humid just like yesterday. Today though I got an email from another endurance rider who wants to 'hook' up with me and she will write an article, if I will do the photos for the international magazine called Endurance News.
The editor has already said they'd accept my photos and publish them with a website, address, permission to use them...and phone #.

So now I am committed to going out and actually doing a 'photo-shoot'. Of course hubby thinks I should be making a million dollars off from this...but I realise that sometimes you have to 'make a name' before you start asking for $?

Shiver me timbers. Tickle my toes. I'm pretty pysched! I guess being laid up and 'shooting' some rides has had its benefits?

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