Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Day in Day out...

Hello Yellow!
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Yep seems my circle of friends are having fun with their jobs too...sucky icky nasty.

My job hunting is a game of waiting right now. I've got apps in and am waiting on calls. I haven't gone out and kept looking because I start school full time in September so if I have no job [part time?] by then, I am simply going to dive into my studies.

Boss and Wife are remodeling the office, apparently they are under the impression that I am going to be moving furniture, painting and taking care of my daily office duties too???
Oh YEAH???
To quote Rachel...the Boss and the Wife are Doo Doo Monkeybuttface heads...

I don't think so!

Oh yeah and I'm supposed to cruise around to the other chiropractors offices to see what kind of software they have so I can update our ancient computer. Hah. And who is going to enter all of that patient info?

So I replied to DDMBF head, that there isn't a personal item of mine in this office so MY stuff is all taken care of. So DDMBF sits at his desk and ponders the ceiling and mumbles about all the things he needs done and all the things 'we' gotta do.
Oh yeah and it HAS to be done by next Wednesday as the new carpeting is being installed.

I can't wait to get home and ride my mule.
My hubby is sick too, took him to the doc today....but so it goes.


TioTrapo said...

Visita mi blog

Rachel said...

So let me get this right: they can't afford to pay you half of the time, but they can get new carpet and do all of this other stuff?! Hummmph!

val said...

Yep Rachel you got it right! LOL new carpeting...BUT they are taking a loan for it.