Thursday, July 06, 2006

For the love of a mule

For the love of a mule
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This weekend I attended a three day endurance event. I was able to meet Lori Windows and her mule Shaman. I'd read about them a while ago and of course want to meet anyone who rides a mule in endurance and competitive trail riding!
Shaman was doing a 'landmark' ride. 15,000--yes 15 thousand sanctioned miles of completion! Think of that! It is simply mind blowing to me. Out of all of those miles, he only did not finish two events and they were not due to injury, lameness, or metabolic issues.
I spent the day as her personal photographer and have sent a photo to Endurance News Magazine--as well as Mules and More where I am writing an article on this wonderful woman and her mule.

Yes she also rides two incredible horses. Nelly's Thunder and Seger's Acompany Me. Both of these mounts have fantastic records too.

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Rachel said...

That's absolutely amazing. I just can't even imagine it!

I can't wait to see your story. :)