Monday, July 24, 2006

Great Wonderful Day!

Crop Yields or????
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Today was the best day in such a long time. My PT gal said I shouldn't have any restrictions anymore~this is because I have improved so much in only 4 weeks!
I can now do self PT, which means I have to go and work out on my own and be re-evaluated in two weeks.
I can also start training both my body and my mule for endurance riding again.

The best part? I am almost pain free! Okay, not totally...but I feel like doing things again.
Tonite I hurried home, grabbed my mule and took off on an adventure. I can tell Badger loved it as much as I did. My attitude is so much better and I feel like I am soaring again.

It is so wonderful to feel so good...and to do the simple holding my hand up and waving!

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Liz said...

Duh! I'm just now actually seeing that there is a yield sign in the photo. Very funny! Just posted about my day at the podiatrist's office. How's job hunting going for you?