Thursday, July 20, 2006

Storms abound

Stormy sunset
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Sometimes not just in the weather. The tension in the office keeps peaking higher and higher. I've found small ways to keep myself busy and avoid talking to 'the boss'. Yesterday we had ONE patient. Okay, do the math. One patient does not pay my salary, does not pay the electric, water, and utilities.
Boss said~we have to clean up all the rooms in the office [where he stores junk]...pick one room a day and WE WILL clean it up.
My reply~All of my personal things are no longer in any rooms of this building.
I'm not a maid.
I'm not a picker upper for him...
So I watched with interest as I cleaned files, purged old he sat at his desk and pondered -- what? his naval? -- he did nothing all day.
I mentioned twice that since he didn't have patients and that it was storming out, would be a perfect time to clean up his office and the back room.
He grunted.
And did nothing.

So this is how it goes?
Goodness I cannot wait to hear from anyone I applied I just made busy work to last until I couldn't bear it and then went home.

Today will be a fun is on the schedule!


Rachel said...

Oooh girl, this man just makes my blood boil. I know that this probably doesn't need to be said because you are so strong-willed (wish I was more like you--my granny just calls it "stubborn"--LOL), but for pete's sake, DON'T let him make you feel guilty for NOT doing his freakin' dirty work! I soooo hope you get out of there soon. What a jerk.

val said...

LOL thanks Rachel...nope, not doing non of his stupid work! He can take care of the messes he made, not ME!