Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Feeling Free


Sometimes I just have an idea and I have to go. My farm work is done, my house work is feet want to wander and explore.

I wanted to see how long it took to get from the house to the top of Black Hawk Rock. 35 minutes ~~ not driving fast. More like the pace I'd set if it were dark and perhaps a bit foggy. I took Charlie and he was a super trooper. I parked and took the short route.

In less than 8 minutes I was ready to climb the steep trail up. 

That took another 8 minutes as there is some difficult footing to negotiate and I went slowly and carefully as though I'd be walking in the semi dark with a headlamp. The elevation climb is 195 feet.

And then there is the view....

Granted, the sky was rather blah, but that is the haze from the Western Fires. I've been here a few times, but the view never disappoints me. I'd gone early enough also to have the view to myself.

I did set up my little red camera on a small tripod and operated it with my cell phone for this shot. 

I sat there for quite a while.

I imagined climbing up to this spot predawn. That could be magical. Photographically speaking, it could be awesome or a dud. But that didn't matter. I want the 'feeling' of it. The awe it would bring. 

Somehow right here, I felt free, unencumbered by all those difficult day to day things I normally had to do. I felt terribly alive and at peace inside.

And the short hike isn't too hard to enjoy either.

Black Hawk at dawn.
I'm ready for it.


  1. Be careful!! I look forward to your photos!

  2. I did it this morning and it was ammmaaazing! Worth it. Pics later, now I have to put up a temporary fence.