Saturday, March 11, 2017

IR Photography ~ No you shouldn't do that!

Well I decided to read instructions and try out some IR photography again.

IR is for bright sunny days with lots of blue skies and green leaves.
The colors are really quite different when using an Infrared Filter.

The above shot is from last summer on a hot day. The leaves are white, the blue sky is dark and the clouds are bright.
Heat reflection is what changes to white.

However I like to use the filter on items that aren't typical for IR photography.

Like animals.
A Gaggle of mules resting near the water tank. The exposure was 1/4 second at 1000 ISO with an IR filter on it.

Mica resting up near the equipment/training shed.

On these two shots, I let the pinkish colors come through. However, IR photography makes for fantastic black and white shots.

However the shutter speed is much slower so it isn't that great for shooting live subjects.
But I had to try.

WhoDunnit resting in the sun.
And then as it is meant to be used on a landscape.

The greens are white, anything that is warmed by the sun reflects a white color.

And there are always the long exposures that allow for interesting effects like this shot at Jersey Valley last fall. The sun lit up a small section of trees and the reflections were awesome.

But what the heck, if you don't experiment, you don't find new avenues of expression.

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Lori Skoog said...

Kudos to you for being so ambitious! Thanks for your comments. I'm coming around and am so happy to have electricity. Now we are under a storm watch. Enough!