Wednesday, March 08, 2017

2 Days of Winds

Since I felt human again and could smell and taste again for the first time in over a week, I thought I'd take a few minutes and try and hide from the wind after I watered the stock tanks.

The cattle were sleeping comfortably on their fodder pile.
It seemed as if Houdini was trying to get WhoDunnit up from his nap.

Rich was taking his afternoon nap which I can usually count on like clockwork. Feed him a nice lunch and it is nap time. I could count on at least 2 hours of quiet time.

The skies were amazing so I thought I'd better see what I could accomplish.

I used my little point and shoot camera to sweep the Merry Meadow while I was waiting for the tank to fill. The clouds were racing across the sky and the winds were howling.

It looked like it could be an amazing afternoon.

So I found a spot out of the wind to sit on a log.

The north facing hillside has finally let go of all of the snow. The meadow grasses are green and because of the hard rains and the winds the ground is fairly stable and not the usual mush that we find this time of year.

The view to the east was pretty amazing also. The sky was rapidly changing.

These shots were taken within just a few minutes of each other. To the south were blue skies, to the east were these ragged clouds.

To the south east the blue was quickly disappearing.

After the snow/rain/wind squall came through, I went back out to do chores. There was Bart standing against a backdrop of blue skies and white clouds to the north west.

Bart seemed rather unconcerned about the strange weather. He stood quietly until I brought his hay to him.

I thought we'd have a magnificent sunset with all the wild weather coming in and the rapid conditions changing so I kept my camera ready.

Just before sunset, dark clouds swept in once again and we got sleet/hail/rain/snow mix with heavy gusts of winds.

And this morning I woke to clear skies, cold temperatures and wind gusts up to 50 mph. Looks like this roaring is going to continue today.

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