Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Water and Ice

I really don't know why water and ice is so attractive to some photographers.

If I go somewhere, I am always hoping to see a pond or a stream. I love them.
Big lakes are incredible too. But I don't live near any. However, I think a few trips along Lake Michigan or Lake Superior in the winter would be great fun.

That is if one could take the cold weather.

Mirror Lake was interesting and I will definitely want to go back in the spring and visit one little known place. In fact I am not even going to mention the name of the place or how to find it.

Pewitt's Nest used to be a pleasure to go to. Now you have to visit it during a time that normal people wouldn't show up. In the summer people crowd to it.

This place did not disappoint.  And now that we've found it, we'll leave it to local knowledge to keep it somewhat quiet.
It isn't easy to get to, it is pretty much unmarked, and if you are resourceful, you could figure out where it is.

In the shot below can you see the person? She is one of the avid hikers and part of our 'gang'. She is in the lower left portion of the pano shot.

We were just...Wowed.

A natural gorge where none seemed to be. Hidden in a forest.
Naturally with the sandstone and limestone formations, the water drips off the sides of the gorge and forms fantastic ice flows.

Last week we had days of warm weather and we were pretty sure that no ice formations would be left.
Looking at these indeed they must have been massive, monstrous!

It seems the mostly melted and then were frozen when the next storm moved in, so there was new and old ice formations mixed in together.

We'd found an 'ultimate' ice gorge full of formations.

And because it would be nice to get an idea of the size of the ice, here is my friend climbing along the icy precipice to get a different view.
I was not that brave.

Here are my friends exploring also.

One might wonder about the camouflage colored clothes. If you want outdoor gear that is warm and will stand up to hard hiking you seek the sales rack for hunting clothing. It is pretty simple. Besides it is fun to 'hide' from each other!

We found open water and the ones with tripods split up each of us hunting for a neater spot to grab some shots of the icy waters.

We haven't all yet traded our shots with each other so here are the ones I took.
Yes, we generally share our photo adventures with each other so we can look at how each of us saw our adventure.

I find that interesting because not everyone has the same perspective on things.

After a snack for the kids we headed back. The sun was breaking from the clouds and we still had to visit Parfrey's Glen.

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

MAGNIFICENT winter captures...this looks like heaven.