Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mud Season

I look at the house and see the mud covered rugs and cringe. Our weather is changing back to Mud Season in March.

He sees no trace of dirt. Mud? He suggests I wait until mud season is over.

"I see muddy dog tracks on the new beautiful kitchen floor."

"Don't look at it like that. Don't look at the tracks!"

"I see them, they are there and the rugs are grey with dirt. Look at the dog tracks!"

He squints his eyes and tips his head.
"They don't seem to bother the dog much."

I sigh. It is mud season. But I like a clean floor.

Time to break out the broom, the mop and wash the kitchen floor and the rugs.

In a day or two I can repeat the process.

However I have set up the boot bucket outside with a brush to dip and wash boots before coming into the house.

Welcome March Mud Season.

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