Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Is March coming in like a Lion?

Last week I came down with a doozy of a head cold. I was in great misery.

However, things still went on around the farm. We had a visitor on Wednesday.

We actually see eagles fairly often during the winter. This one sat in the tree above the Dexter's Summer Pasture. I took a shot as well as I could with my knock about camera.

That night we had another incredible sunset. I didn't feel well enough to actually go to the ridge to take shot across the fields so I settled for some from the porch.

The clouds were moving quite fast and the colors looked warm and inviting.

About 30 minutes later I looked out the window as we finished up eating and was stunned. The colors had given way to blues and pinks.
Well, I could not pass that up even from the porch.

Who would have thought?
Since last week Wednesday we've had snow.

We've had warm weather which turned the snow to muck and the driveway into a hazard zone for cars.
Yesterday it was 64 degrees when I got home from work.

Then we had a vicious storm move in last night which dropped an inch of rain and we've had brutal high winds ever since.

However the skies for a little while this afternoon were simply amazing.

I took out my Nikon and tripod and thought I'd take some pasture/sky shots.

Well here is what I got with my little camera before I had to turn tail and scurry back to the house.

The skies to the west turned dark and threatening.

I figured we'd have rain coming in. Imagine my surprise when flurries came down in nearly a mini blizzard.

That has ended right now and the winds are blowing hard and now it is thundering.

Mother Nature is seriously confused.

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