Thursday, March 16, 2017

New terminology

I've adopted a new set of words for common things since my 'new' neighbors moved in.

Their son Logan has some of the best little sayings. My favorite one that sticks with me is ....

"I'm Stucking!" uttered by Logan when his boots got stuck in the March mud last year.

We used to refer to the house on the ridge...well, as the house on the ridge.

No more. We've adapted the terms to seperate our households as *Upstairs* and *Downstairs*. We are the downstairs at the bottom of the hill.

I liked that.
Burdocks? Well it is okay and fun to call them *Murdocks*. I think that gives them a unique name for a unique place.
[My dad's unpublished book had Murdock as his main character. So Murdock sets well with me.]

Another new word. *Elevator*, this refers to the rope that I put on the steep bank above the creek after the ridge road was washed away in a flood.

When it is really slippery, we use it to assist us in getting up and down the bank. I called it the rope, however it was renamed, *The Elevator*.

The Creek.

I never referred to it in any other many except, the creek, our creek, the creek bottom...
However it has been renamed by the neighbor kids.

*Awesome Creek*

And yes, it is an awesome place to go and play.

The little dog loves it when he can have little people to play with. The fun never stops.

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