Thursday, August 01, 2013

Walking the Mule

Part of keeping Siera healthy is to make sure that at this point she does light exercise.  She has been walking and doing moderate exercise in her paddock but I thought I'd take advantage of her 'down' time to also work on some lead rope 'stuff'.  She is very well mannered on a lead and seems to trust me not to get her into any 'bad' places.

So off we went.  She was hesitant to leave the farm behind but she went fairly easily.  She kept turning her head and looking back.

So we decided to go check the mail.

Nope!  An empty mailbox!

So we turned and headed up the road and walked to the edges of the corn field to check on the growth.
All along she seemed very calm, just curious and threw a glance back at the driveway as if to ask 'Can I go Home Now?'

I've done this before with Siera but there is another mule owner who does this quite regularily and after reading her wonderful blog yesterday ... I decided that I should take Siera on more walks and possibly some hikes.
It can only benefit the both of us.
For a great read please visit The Three Muleteers blog.  Learn about how versitile a mule can be along with adventures of a mini horse and a mini mule.

In fact as I was walking Siera I remembered her wonderful posts about talking her 'Dragon' on walks...I thought.  Yes, I can do the same while we are making sure Siera has recovered!

I wonder how she will react to hiking with me in snow shoes?
I guess I'll wait and see!

And yes, she adores Morris so I can see a lot of interaction with Siera in the future.


The Dancing Donkey said...

My donkeys LOVE going on walks and their enthusiasm is catching. It's a great way to spend time with an equine and often overlooked.

The Three Muleteers said...

Ah Val I'm so glad we inspired you! Thank you so much for mentioning our blog, we are honoured :-) We love hikes and going exploring on foot. It has really helped to cement our relationships and when it's been a long day and I can't find the energy to ride it always feel like something and keeps me and the muleteers happy.

Enjoy the hikes, I'm so pleased Siera is feeling better, she is a beautiful mule!